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In 2008, GovTwit founder Steve Lunceford was frustrated at how hard it was to find other public services professionals using Twitter. While some basic resources existed in various wikis or blog posts, there was no comprehensive listing of all facets of the government using Twitter. Launched in November 2008 with around 100 IDs, the GovTwit list has grown exponentially and will continue to grow through independent research as well as your submissions.

GovTwit v2.0 launched in the summer of 2009, and introduced a new look and feel for the directory, as well as new features. For more information on how to best use the latest version of GovTwit, visit the “What’s Changed” post on the blog.


The latest version of GovTwit is possible thanks to team Squeejee, the same folks who built and run GovTwit is one of the first sites to be built using Squeejee’s new Twitter directory platform called Floxee; if you’d like to build your own Twitter directory like GovTwit, visit for more information. Be sure to follow Wynn Netherland, Chris McCroskey, Jim Mulholland and the rest of team Squeejee on Twitter as well.

I’d also like to thank Ryan Schradin of Strategic Communications and Peter Hahn for their help with the first version of GovTwit, including research, updates and Ryan’s creation of the original GovTwit logo.

Steve Lunceford

Steve Lunceford is a strategic communications professional for a leading provider of consulting services to U.S. Federal and state/local governments. Steve has 20 years experience in media relations/corporate communications (including 10 years in the Public Sector), working with key international, U.S., local and trade media on behalf of firms such as Sprint, Choice Hotels International, BearingPoint, RadioShack and the NFL. He has broad-based expertise in corporate positioning and raising awareness for brands and business/consumer products and services. Note that the perspectives/opinions in the GovTwit blog or Twitter stream are personal in nature and *do not* reflect the official views of any employer.

Steve is an expert in crisis communications planning and execution, and is an evangelist for the use of new media technologies to help achieve traditional communications objectives. In addition to creating GovTwit, he is a co-host of, a weekly podcast about the use of social media in government. Follow Steve on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.


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